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Ribbonwood Station Hunting & Accommodation

Our Story

Ribbonwood Station is a unique hunting experience that many return to year on year

Eric and Margaret have farmed the station for 20+ years. Passionate about hunting and entertaining, they opened up their spectacular part of the world to guides and hunters alike.

Our values


Safety Values

Whether a gun hunter or archer, safety is paramount at Ribbonwood Station. Whilst you may have hunted before and handled many types of guns and bows, we will take you through our guns and ammunition and our safety standards. You will not be permitted to hunt on the station without agreeing to our safety values. New Zealand safety laws are tight, so you must follow our guidance.


Animal welfare values

We aim to ensure that the harvest of the animal is done accurately and with the intent that the animal does not suffer in any way.


Conservation values

Our land is our income. We ask that you respect our property as you would yours. We have a saying in New Zealand, that when you are travelling in a place, only leave your footprints. Please don't light fires, leave litter and live ammunition on the land, and leave all gates as you find them, so if a gate is closed when you arrive at it, please close it when you leave. 


Human values

We respect our guides and staff, so we ask that you do the same. Look after each other, and you'll be mates for life. 


Tour values

We love hunting as much as you do, so when you buy a package with Ribbonwood, we will stand by it and ensure that your experience is the best we deliver.


Social Values

Marketing hunting is sometimes tricky. Given the social image hunting at times, we need you to help us promote our business on your social platforms, face to face gatherings and feedback.

Our team are all part of the Ribbonwood Station family. They are professional, honest, hardworking and fun, a great recipe that supports your bucket list of hunting in the alpine region in New Zealand. 

Meet the Team

Eric Bennett


Marg Bennett


Thomas (Tom) Southen


Paul McLauchlan


Ian (Skip) Sandwith


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